6 Types Of Martial Arts Classes Favored By U.S. Citizens

6 Types Of Martial Arts Classes Favored By U.S. Citizens

People around the globe choose to practice martial arts for various reasons. Some enroll in classes for the exercise, which helps them to get into and stay in shape. Other students decide to take on the venture because it gives them a chance to learn something new and compete. United States residents, including those right here in , have plenty of options available to them when it comes to martial arts. So, regardless of what your reasons are for signing up, stay put and read on to learn about six of the programs.

Think About Enrolling In These Stellar Classes

1. Karate

Many persons pick karate as their sport of choice. It originated in the Okinawan Islands of Japan as a form of self-defense. , citizens that decide to enroll in one of these classes should expect to learn different kicks, punches, and numerous open-hand techniques. However, due to karate being more about self-defense, the primary focus will likely be on blocking attacks.

2. Wrestling

When people hear the word wrestling, an image of the WWE usually pops into their heads. All of the lights, camera, and action of that business is not what is being referred to here though. Instead, this post is talking about the ancient form of combat that is offered in schools across the nation. Students practice on a small mat that does not have ropes, and they learn things such as holds, balance, coordination, and more.

3. Kickboxing

This form of martial arts has many different origins. However, the American version is the most practiced around the world. Its closest rival is Japanese kickboxing. Students discover a wide range of techniques to disarm an opponent. If this is your sport of choice, speed and agility will be essential.

More Options Worthy Of Your Consideration

4. Judo

Judo's beginning also comes from the islands of Japan. It is a competitive professional sport that people participate in worldwide. Pupils will study different rules, but the main objective is for them to throw or take down their competitor for points. , residents interested in learning about proper techniques with maximum efficiency and minimum effort can't go wrong in choosing Judo.

5. Taekwondo

This option offers a good balance between attack and self-defense. Taekwondo's roots come from Korea as it was regularly practiced by pupils there in the 1940s and 50s. Of course, it is a name that most citizens in America know these days. Persons should expect to receive training over fast hand movements and high kicks to keep attackers at bay.

Last, But Certainly Not Least

6. Western Boxing

Competitors of this sport only use their fists to throw punches. Trainers teach boxers about specific types of punches like jabs, uppercuts, and hooks. Also, the fighters must be agile and nimble on their feet. Plus, students will learn about blocks to stop their opponent from hitting them in the face, head, and body. Traditional western boxing is an excellent choice for making you lean, strong, and tough.


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