Lessons Your Child Learns from Martial Arts

Lessons Your Child Learns from Martial Arts

Martial arts is often depicted as aggressive and violent in many films and television programs; however, this is far from the truth, but it still causes some parents to hesitate to put their kids into any kind of martial arts program. 

If you need some convincing or you are trying to convince a friend or peer that martial arts is a good program, we have a few of the reasons below as to why it is a good choice and what values it can teach a child.


Korean is one of the many languages and cultures associated with martial arts. It is expressed as Yong Gi. Yong meaning the quality of bravery and Gi representing the focus of martial arts. With martial arts, they are not just acting without any kind of fear. 

Instead, they are challenging their internal energy instead of being afraid. Courage allows a child to set goals, learn how to overcome the challenges they face, and find success in their daily lives.


Another key value of martial arts is respect. Children are taught to respect their instructors and peers as well as themselves. This is a value that receives a lot of consistent focus, and it is a value that instructors encourage children to take with them outside of the studio.


This is another valuable quality as well as a fundamental skill. While some children already have these leadership qualities, others learn them as they go. With martial arts, the children are encouraged to help those in the lower levels advance and reach their goals. 

Taking a leadership role allows children to make positive decisions; it empowers them and allows them to be good role models in their community, school, and in their family.


This is a value that extends to many parts of a child's life. This kind of discipline places a focus on self-discipline. It doesn't mean punishment in martial arts. Rather, it refers to the ability to control one's emotions and desires while working toward meaningful lifelong goals.


In martial arts, students are working toward their goals as they are empowered by their self-confidence. This focus also teaches them about the value of hard work and shows them what they can accomplish when they really put their mind to it. 


The children need to be attentive in martial arts due to both the mental and physical challenges that it requires. So, for a child to be successful in any martial arts program, they need to be focused. This skill can then be applied to other aspects of their life, including their homework, chores, and goal setting.

Physical Fitness

Just like with other sports, martial arts keep children physically fit. There are cardio workouts, strength training, and relaxation skills, as well as flexibility. With exercise also comes increased energy levels throughout the day, improved concentration and the release of positive endorphins to encourage a good mood and healthier social interactions.

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