Martial Arts Are Good For Your Mind, Not Just Your Body

Martial Arts Are Good For Your Mind, Not Just Your Body

Martial Arts Are Good For Your Mind, Not Just Your Body 

Most of the time when people think about taking up martial arts in , , the motivation is for physical health reasons. People often think of martial arts in the same way that they do sports. This will be a good way for a person to exercise, get fit, perhaps lose weight, become physically stronger, and perhaps improve hand-eye coordination. All of these are physical benefits.

But what many people in , fail to realize is that martial arts are a holistic discipline. They don’t just benefit your body and ignore your mind; they look at all the systems that make up a person and seek to improve them. This is why in Asia, religious orders such as monasteries have taken up and instructed students in martial arts for centuries. There’s far more to martial arts than just physical fitness. But what are the mental benefits of taking this up?


One of the single, most important character traits that martial arts can impart on a person is discipline. And with discipline, a person can accomplish far more than they ever would have been capable of as a creature of impulse and whim. Discipline is about learning to think long term, to put aside immediate gratification in favor of a greater benefit further down the road. Discipline is the ability to endure or tolerate what may be perceived to be dull or unpleasant activities for the benefit of learning something valuable. Discipline, in other words, can be a vital skill for success.


Similar to discipline, and an important byproduct of it, self-control is what allows people to do the things that need to be done, rather than simply give in to what they want. Martial arts teach calm, being centered, and making rational, controlled decisions. After all, in a fight, it is the person without control that is more likely to lose. Martial arts help students learn this important characteristic that can go on to help them in future situations, whether that is conflict resolution, or having the wisdom not to make an explosive, delicate situation worse with unnecessary retaliation.


And finally, martial arts are excellent at helping people to grow more confident about themselves and the way they handle situations about their life. The systematic learning of martial arts ensures that people start out small, and gradually master more complex, demanding aspects of martial arts. There is a real sense of progression, as a beginner sees how little he or she knows in the beginning, compared to experienced practitioners, but then, as time passes, those beginners themselves become proficient.

That sense of confidence also comes from the certainty of knowing that martial arts have better prepared a person to handle a physical confrontation. People who have become experienced in martial arts have a better sense of themselves and their lives.

That’s why for anyone thinking about learning martial arts in , , the rewards can be great. Martial arts may not be easy, but the physical, psychological and spiritual achievements can make a big difference.

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