Martial Arts Can Help Anyone Get In Shape

Martial Arts Can Help Anyone Get In Shape

Do you have trouble convincing yourself to exercise?   

Roughly one in three Americans are obese, but even though we know excess fat can cause problems, many people have trouble coming up with the motivation it takes to exercise and get fit.  However, there are ways to help with that. 

Martial arts offer a structure that you don’t get from a gym full of weight machines in Brentwood   

The different moves, the belt system, the sparring, and the competitions give you reasons to keep coming back even if the going does get tough at times.  Martial arts also teach things like confidence and self-defense, which means you get more than just exercise when you sign up for a discipline. 

Martial Arts Are For Everyone 

Learning how to fight and how to defend yourself isn’t just for six-foot-tall heavyweights who throw or punch each other in a ring or an octagon.  Everyone can learn a martial arts style, and everyone can benefit from training with it in Brentwood.  Even if you aren’t perfectly fit, tall, and young, you can find a martial art that fits you. 

If you have joint pains or limited mobility, you can still learn a low-impact style like Tai Chi or Aikido.

If you want to burn calories fast, you can choose an intense discipline like boxing or Muay Thai. 

If you’re on the small side, you might want to learn a tricky or a fast style like Judo or Wing Chun. 

 Martial Arts Teach More Than Fighting 

You learn more than just combat moves when you train in a martial art.  When you spend a lot of hours practicing and sparring with others, you learn about your limits and your potential.  Depending on your chosen discipline, you may also spend time practicing meditation and learning to control your emotions instead of letting them control you.  There’s a very real spiritual side to martial arts, and you may find yourself growing in some ways even as your waistline shrinks. 

Martial Arts Work Better Than Jogging 

Jogging is good exercise, there’s no doubt about it.  It gets your heart pumping, it puts your legs to the test, and you can easily tell how well you’re doing because of how far you can run.  However, martial arts offer a more complete exercise, and many disciplines have you jog as a part of training.  Even those that don’t will have you throw punches, kicks, and other practitioners, and that exercises more muscles than the ones you use to jog.  Strength training is another important aspect and building muscles can burn fat in a hurry. 

Martial arts can give you the motivation you need to stick with hard exercise, and it puts your whole body to the test   

The training can also help you improve your focus, confidence, and determination.  If all that sounds appealing to you, then you should sign up for martial arts classes at Tiger Rock Martial Arts and find out for yourself how you can improve more than just your weight when you train in martial arts in Brentwood. 

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