The Benefits Of Enrolling Your Child In Martial Arts

The Benefits Of Enrolling Your Child In Martial Arts

Most people think of martial arts as breaking boards with your head, Chuck Norris kicking the stuffing out of someone, or lighting fast Bruce Lee stopping the bad guys. The thing to remember is that martial arts also requires discipline, concentration, balance and leadership skills. These are all desirable traits for children to learn. 

Why Should You Consider Enrolling Your Child In Martial Arts

There are a lot of great programs available for children to develop physically, mentally, and emotionally. However, few offer the benefits of martial arts. Here are five great reasons to consider martial arts for your kids:  

1. Martial Arts Promotes Resilience: 

Researchers have determined that martial arts has a significant impact on a child’s overall resilience. With martial arts train they develop and refine the social, emotional, and academic self-efficacy. Studies also show they are more able to cope with stressors like bullying from other children.

2. Martial Arts Builds Self Confidence And Discipline: 

As your child masters complex moves, stances and fighting forms they become more confident and develop respect, not just for themselves but the opponent as well. Your child will develop self- discipline to set goals and achieve those goals. With each belt they earn their self confidence grows. 

3. Martial Arts Is A Healthy Form Of Physical Fitness: 

Should you be concerned that your child is overweight or not getting enough exercise then martial arts is the way to go. An example is, if your child takes karate for 3 one hour sessions per week, they will meet the criteria of adults per the Department of Health and Human Services. While this sounds impressive, it is actually less than what a child requires to maintain health and fitness. The goal is a workout to improve strength, cardiovascular health and flexibility, in addition to bone and muscle flexibility. 

4. Martial Arts Creates Active Listeners:

Listening is key in martial arts training. Without listening to the instructor and advanced students, they cannot learn the moves and advance. Children also learn to listen to each other to work together and master a move.

5. Martial Arts Teaches Peaceful Conflict Resolution:

Thanks in part to movies and television martial arts is often seen as promoting violence. It is, in fact, the opposite. Martial arts teach children that physical altercations must be avoided and peaceful, non-violent conflict resolution skills are the preferred method of avoiding conflict.

In addition to all of these benefits, your children will develop an ability to defend themselves, should they be attacked. In fact, there are many examples of boys and girls defending themselves from kidnappers, predators, and other criminals.  

There are Demonstrated Benefits Of Martial Arts For Children On The Autism Spectrum

If you are the parent of a child on the autism spectrum, you know issues arise with verbal and no verbal communication and repetitive movements. Studies have shown that martial arts helps children on the autism spectrum:

  • Increase social interaction

  • Improve communication skills

  • Increase memory and cognitive function

  • Have better postural control

  • Gain greater self regulation

  • Develop and finetune motor skills

If you feel your child would benefit from martial arts, speak to your family physician. If they give your child the okay, give the friendly instructors at Tiger Rock Martial Arts a call. We’ll help you find the martial arts discipline that fits your child’s unique talents, interests, and personality so they can gain all of these great benefits.  

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