Why Martial Arts Is All About Confidence

Why Martial Arts Is All About Confidence

There are a few things everyone deserves to have:  confidence, self-respect, and determination   

Along with a dose of self-reflection to keep from getting too cocky, these three traits will serve anyone well no matter what it is they plan on doing with their lives. 

Whether it’s MMA, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, karate, or old-fashioned boxing, practicing a martial art can help you improve in all three. 


At their core, all martial arts are about turning your body into a weapon.  Some styles are more useful than others if you find yourself trapped in an alley by a mugger in Brentwood, but the word “martial” is in the name for a reason.  Training in martial arts can give you the confidence to defend yourself when you would otherwise feel like backing down, and this confidence can carry over into situations where you don’t plan on throwing any punches. 

Reaching Goals 

In the world of martial arts, there’s always another hill to climb.  At first, you’ll need to learn the basic skills of your style and rank up in whatever system your trainer uses to decide what you’re ready for.  Throughout this time, you’ll also practice sparring with others, and these matches will become more serious as both you and your opponents become more skilled in your art.  Eventually you may start entering competitions, and these competitions can become bigger and offer higher stakes depending on how far you want to go and how serious you are about your martial arts. 

Coping With Stress 

When it comes to high-pressure situations that can really stress you out, all three of the martial artist’s traits come in handy. 

Confidence is essential, because when you have a split second to react you don’t have the luxury of second-guessing your decision.  You have to be confident in your decisions and follow through on them, and if they turn out to be mistakes you need to set them aside and move forward. 

Self-respect involves knowing what you can do, what you can’t do, and who you are, and it means being satisfied with all of that.  You should always be improving yourself, but martial artists also need to respect who they are already.  This respect lets you both win and lose with grace, and that helps you get along well even with your competition. 

Determination may be the most important trait of all.  It gives you the ability to harness the stress and anxiety you feel and use that energy to do something helpful instead of dwelling on your worries and hesitating at the wrong moment.  This trait is something you learn from all the hours spent training and all the losses you experience on your way to the top. 


Tiger Rock Martial Arts offers martial arts classes for all ages, genders, and backgrounds in Brentwood because everyone deserves to have confidence, self-respect, and determination. 

Even if martial arts training never becomes anything more than a hobby to you, your experiences will serve you well for the rest of your life.  Just remember what it’s like to face an opponent in the ring and you can face any social situation or high-pressure job with patience and grace. 

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