3 Benefits of Taekwondo

3 Benefits of Taekwondo

Taekwondo is the leading martial art of Korea, a fusion of older Korean styles with influences from Chinese Kung Fu and Japanese Karate.  Taekwondo focuses on kicks and lower body strength instead of punches or grapples, and even in the diverse world of martial arts, it’s a unique style.  Coaches teach the Korean style all across America, including in Brentwood, California, and it has a widespread appeal thanks to the many reasons people have to start training.

Health Benefits

Taekwondo shares most of its health benefits with most other martial art forms.  Still, it never hurts to remember what regular training and exercise offer, and there are some things Taekwondo is unusually good at.

  • Cardiovascular health

While sparring isn’t an aerobic exercise, most martial arts and combat sports involve some aerobic training to strengthen the heart and improve blood flow

  • Flexibility

Kicks are central to the Taekwondo style, and that includes high kicks and jumping kicks. You need to be flexible to pull these moves off properly, and so learning the style involves plenty of stretches and flexibility training.

  • Muscle strength

Whether you use your upper body or your lower, strength training is an essential part of every martial art.

  • Bone strength

Like your muscles, you can improve the strength and density of your bones with weight-bearing exercises.  These exercises put pressure on your bones, and that encourages the cells that create bone structures to build them up more.

Mental Benefits

Signing up for Taekwondo classes will improve more than just your body. Your mind can benefit from learning martial arts, too, and people of any age in Brentwood, California can experience all kinds of benefits.

  • Socializing

Learning Taekwondo is a group activity.  You’ll learn the style from a well-trained master and do so alongside other students of various ages and with various skill levels.  You’ll get to know your fellow students well as you practice and spar with them.

  • Discipline

Nobody gets good with martial arts overnight.  It’s a long and tiring process, and it can be frustrating if you lose one match after another.  That’s why Taekwondo emphasizes traits like discipline, determination, and constant practice.

  • Self-esteem  

When you keep practicing week after week, you’ll eventually start to see results.  You’ll rise through the ranks of Taekwondo and start winning matches against tougher opponents, and these results will improve your self-esteem.

Stress Relief

There are all kinds of ways to build up stress in today’s fast-paced world, but there are also plenty of ways to get rid of it.  Practicing Taekwondo is one way:  you learn to focus on your training so you can’t worry about your job or your home life, and you can take out some frustrations by sparring.  Martial arts training can be hard, but it can also burn off stress.

Learn Taekwondo in Brentwood

Learning Taekwondo is rewarding.  The training can improve your body and mind, plus you learn things like self-defense and focus.  So if you live in Brentwood, California, have a look at what Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Scholars can do for you and consider signing up for classes.

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